Shalako -
His voice is authentic, disarming and kinda located down the Slim Pickins trail. But the pickins in Joe Herrington's poetic content are anything but slim! And you won't find any better meld of Cowboy Poetry to musical backup than you will on this little beauty from Herrington & company!

The album shows off very effective guitar accompaniment from Howard Yearwood, vocal backup from Ronda Herrington, Zephyr Lorraine Spear and Skeeter Mann and unique percussion elements by Roy and Ben Herrington. But it's the words and Joe Herrington's presentation of them that provide the real momentum here. The soft but commanding Herrington delivery sends these good words straight into you. Concerning "Shalako" itself, I can't recall a better rendering of a big west gunfighter verse since Lorne Greene gave us "Ringo" back in '64. A number of Herrington's poems on the CD deal with the general theme of someone going unappreciated until its too late, but each has a point to make. Thirteen tracks total. Superior stuff!

Rick Huff
Best of the West Review
Western Way magazine Fall 2009

Shalako -
Hey Joe ...I get a shoebox full of cd's every month but damn if this one didn't get my attention... even brought several tears to this ole cowboy's can bet your Levi's we will be playing your stuff...

Eddy Leverett 92.1 fm Cullman, Alabama.
 "Your performance was SUPERB! We loved every minute of it, and have had many, many folks commenting on what a thrill it was to hear your cowboy poetry and Western stories. You are definitely a keeper. Oh, the bullwhip was a wonderful touch."

Pat Methvin, Lake Tahoe show organizer
"His stories brought a catch to my throat a few times, and a moist eye."

David Lindsey, NY Times list best selling mystery writer
"I just loved every minute of it."

Marilyn Tuttle, Western music legend
Shalako is a beautifully produced collection of stories written as cowboy poetry, full of truth and heart and honesty. These are campfire stories, built like a good fire, that produce a warm and lasting heat. The words, so carefully chosen, fit together so right and so tight; it's a genuine pleasure to hear Joe Herrington unwind them. And the music underscore is clean and pure as running water.

The stories Joe tells get you by the back of the neck and they don't let go. Sometimes they squeeze you till you think you might cry and sometimes they tickle you so hard, you cry anyway. They touch you deep inside, where maybe you haven't been touched in a long, long while. And boy, does it feel good.

Michael Sprout, Senior Concept Writer,
Walt Disney Imagineering.
I have a confession to make. I thought, as I pushed the play button to begin listening to Joe Herrington's Shalako, that it was going to be just another collection of Cowboy poems. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. This collection - one I will treasure forevermore - is so much more. That is because Joe Herrington is much more than a Cowboy Poet. He is a true Western philosopher.

Not only can he completely captivate and entertain you -- he can teach you the meaning of life. Herrington reaches to the very core of the Cowboy code to touch your very heart and soul.

With his velvety voice and honorable heart as big as the star-filled Texas sky, Herrington is blessed with a rare and profound gift that can magically transport you far and away from the many distractions of your busy life to a place where, once you've been, you return a better person.

Kevin Rafferty, Writer, director
Beautiful, warm, witty and funny. Joe is a master at his craft. The timbre in his voice is rich and the quality of the cd is as good as it gets. I really enjoyed Howard Yearwood's guitar!
The studio sound was like being live, but better. If I had only had a campfire, I would have felt like he was in the same room with me!
It is simply a beautiful tribute to our cowboys.

Connie Ramsey, Singer
Joe Herrington is a rare breed of man. Upright, honorable, unassuming, humble, gentlemanly. There is a quiet strength and a sense of peace about him that one rarely finds today. Whenever Joe comes in our store an air of serenity and calm comes with him. Wry sense of humor accompanied by a twinkle in his eye. When he performs his voice carries without strain. When it's just you, one-on-one, his voice is low and melodic. Listen closely, you don't want to miss anything!

Bobbi Jean Bell, Purveyor of Fine Western Goods, Out West Marketing
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