Shelby Ferris and David Carson, seniors at Texas A & M, have shared a long friendship. They are explorers and adventurers, well schooled in the books and the land. On their last spring break trip before graduation they set out to discover the secrets of the legendary Marfa Lights. Despite their many adventurers and discoveries, nothing could prepare them for what they encounter one lonely night on the West Texas prairie. They discover a cold, dark cave… a gateway to a world where history meets legend. They find a place known only to the long lost civilizations of the Anasazi, the Nephilim and the Tekoans. It is a world of legend and danger, yet a world that casts a glint of understanding on many of the dark, unanswered hollows in our own history. Their courageous journey illustrates the nature of the American spirit in face of danger and trial. Shelby and David display the strength of solid, unblemished character as they battle ancient myths and solve grand mysteries. It is a story of adventure and discovery; a story embraced in scientific fact while enjoying the latitude of scientific fantasy.


Joe Herrington weaves his unique storytelling style into a spellbinding story. Tekoa is a great read for young and old alike...clean, wholesome and exciting.

Hugh Travis, Scout Executive - Boy Scouts of America

The book should find a deserved place in every public school library and every city library in the state. ... This is a multifaceted book, obviously the work of a multifaceted and roundly educated author, who obviously believes that righteous values can be combined with hard-nosed science and even mystery and wonder, and who knows how to tell a good story...

Judith Brueske-Plimmer, Reporter - Alpine Avalanche Newspaper (Click here to read the entire article.)

Out West Buckaroo Book shop review:
I read this book from cover-to-cover on a cold, blustery Sunday. Never got out of my jammies, cup of coffee by my side. Turning the pages as quickly as I could. What a story! How to describe traveling to the world of Tekoa? It's a grand adventure. It's a mystery. It's a moral play. It's Indiana Jones and his best buddy meet Darth Vadar on the Dark Side. It's all this and more.

More importantly, this book should be required reading for every young person searching for real "role models" - so few exist today. Today's public "heroes" are tomorrow's tabloid food. Where are the heroes whose voices were heard on radio, or who encouraged us through their own travails as they raced across the Silver Screen? Where are the Matt Dillons of TV?

Cowboy Poet and Author Joe Herrington introduces his Reader to two young men, college age no less, who are grounded in doing "right," make tough decisions quickly, and are every bit the hero. Shelby Ferris and David Carson are the new "Good Guy Buddies." Young men of honor, courage, determination, and they have learned how to survive in the wilderness (I had no idea you can do so many things with toilet tissue!) These are young men you can trust to date your daughter, coach your child's team, lead a Scout Troop, or run your business. Thank you, Joe, for giving life to these characters. Don't make us wait too long for their next adventure!

Bobbi Jean Bell - Out West Buckaroo Book Shop 

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