Joe Herrington
I was born a Texan and grew up the way most West Texas boys grew up… with rugged, outdoor adventure and a passion to be out under that big, West Texas sky.

I grew up at the feet of storytellers in a day before television had assaulted the young imagination. My Grandfather and my Uncle Jack both talked in stories and from them I learned to weave tales and appreciate the power of words.

In my own stories I discovered that I could safely go wherever I wanted to go, be whatever I wanted to be, or conquer any evil and always win.

I grew and served my country in the Army as a Drill Sergeant at Ft. Knox, a Mortar Platoon Sgt in Korea and finally as a tactical officer for the Army National Guard's officer training school.
While at Ft Knox, I became a Scoutmaster with a hundred red-blooded American boys eager for the same stuff I grew up on. It was an exciting time and I came to love the world of Scouting. I continued for twenty-five years as a Scoutmaster with various troops as I moved around the country.

In my Scouts I made a wonderful discovery. They loved the telling of a story the way I had loved it. They encouraged me and insisted that I always have a story for the end-of-day campfire. For years I told my stories to only them but time proved that others too could be spellbound by a story of goodness and honor and justice.

For the last 36 years I have earned my living as a Media Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. I live in California where my wife and I have raised four children. I serve as an Elder in the church and teach 4th-6th grade Bible school.

I still love that big western sky and the wilderness beneath it. I still love, and have never forgotten, the Western ways and traditions. I write my stories about those times and those amazing people of unblemished character and honor. And when the campfire flickers, I get a stir in my soul. A yearning swells within me to recall the events of good days past and tell their story.

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